A platform to spread your mission and empower others to raise their voices with you! And what better platform than a podcast to share inspiring stories and motivate people to fulfill their life purpose?

What does every change-maker like you need to impact the world?

When you work with us, a team of podcast lovers who value creativity, innovation, vulnerability and authenticity, you don't have to worry about the nitty gritty of podcasting and can instead focus on your greater vision..and do the fun stuff!

I get it though, podcasting is A LOT of work. That's where we come in--no more scratching your head wondering what the heck a bitrate is, no more wanting to throw your computer at the wall trying to get the sound right, no more wondering how to get people to listen to the podcast.



I'm Dana

I'm a proud Jersey girl but I currently live in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam. 

It is my personal mission to help as many people reach their full potential as I can. I try to do this by starting with myself and leading by example.

I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone further than I ever thought possible by moving to a totally new country, starting a podcast, and then starting a podcasting services business! 

My podcast is called Creators in Saigon, and on the show I interview creative entrepreneurs (both Vietnamese locals and expats) who inspire me. The aim is to share different perspectives to open our minds, speak vulnerably to open our hearts, and share about our creative projects to open our eyes to what is possible.

As a podcast producer and consultant, I am passionate about helping you get your message out to the world, because it aligns with my greater mission. I celebrate every small win with you and am truly here to be part of your team.

Quit the juggling act...

...get back to what you love to do!

What if you could just record it and forget about the rest?

This service is for you if you're a change-maker looking to make a huge impact with your podcast, and you're needing some help with the heavy lifting. You're drained with all there is to do and it's getting harder and harder to keep the podcast going. We get it! My team of professional audio editors, writers, and social media managers will take great care of your podcast, because we're passionate about inspiring others and changing the world, too! We have two packages to suit your needs:

Standard Podcast Production

-Add in your intro and outro bumpers
-Edit up to 3 spots if you provide us with
the exact time stamps of the edits you would like
-Reduce background and room noise
-Mix and master
-ID3 tags (meta data)
-SEO-rich summary of your episode’s content with relevant
outbound links for you and your guests
-One Audiogram
-One Instagram graphic
-Episode uploaded & scheduled in podcast host
-Creation & Management of Trello board
-Bonus podcasting checklists and templates

Manage my podcast!

 $675/month up to 4 episodes

Advanced Podcast Production

-Same standard editing plus we review every second of RAW audio you submit (up to 60min) to edit out any mess ups, long pauses, filler words, etc. while maintaining conversational flow
-One round of feedback and revisions
-Blog-style show notes with time stamps of key points, quotes, photos, embedded player
-Same standard promo assets created plus captions written, hashtags researched and posts uploaded & scheduled
-Episode uploaded & scheduled in podcast host
-Creation & Management of Trello board
-Bonus podcasting checklists and templates

$1,200/month up to 4 episodes

Podcast Audit

book an audit

You've been rockin and rolling with your podcast and you've built up some loyal fans. But you're still not quite sure if you're "doing podcasting right" and wonder how your show could be better.

It is so helpful to get an unbiased, outsider expert perspective on your podcast. I will take a look at every aspect of your show from the audio quality, content quality, production process, promotion, discoverability, and more! I will provide a PDF with feedback for you to keep, and then we will have a 30min call to go over the feedback and answer your questions.

book an audit

Investment: $155.00

Podcast Launch & Consulting

A podcast is an amazing way to generate leads, grow your business and sell out your products and services. But there's so much information out there, so much to learn, and not enough time to do it all on top of everything else you're already doing for your business! I will clear the path for you, providing strategic guidance for a successful launch as well as implementation of set up and creating the essential assets you need for a podcast you can be so proud of!

-60min consulting call
-Intro/outro with music produced
-Trailer episode edited & uploaded
-First 3 episodes edited & show notes written
-Host set up and submission
-Cover art and social graphic templates designed
-Trello board set-up
-Management over 2 month period
-Email/text support throughout 2 month period
-Bonus Templates & Checklists for podcasting

What's included?

launch my podcast!

Investment: $1,229.00

Not quite sure what you need? Book a discovery call to discuss which service is best for you!

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"I was looking for a system for my podcast where I could record it and forget it. Now, I'm able to do what I do best, send the audio file to Dana and allow her to make the magic happen. It's the best decision I've ever made as it's a critical part of getting my content out to my people without it taking up hours of my day."

- melissa leger, gumball love podcast

"I was overloaded with doing too much and podcast producing wasn’t in my super power wheel house. I knew that I needed to find someone who was talented and had an ear for quality content I could trust.  Now, I am able to focus on the conversations themselves and growing the podcast rather than being stuck in the nitty gritty of the podcast."

- Sophie kwok, the love intently podcast

"I love working with Dana because she's responsive, courteous, and evokes a sense of trust, which I believe is due to her being so forthright and honest Dana makes my life better. Full stop."

- baktash ahadi, stories of transformation

"We had an audit with Dana and honestly, it feels like we've tightened up a professional show!! She gave us a mountain of fixes to work on. It feels so good to have stuff to work on!"


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