The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) deemed menstruation the "Fifth Vital Sign", meaning menstruation is as important a health indicator as changes in body temperature, pulse, breathing rate, and blood pressure. 

When we experience PMS, heavy bleeding, insomnia, painful cramps, irregular and missing periods, this is our body's way of communicating that something is wrong. Yet, so many of us were never taught how to listen to our body's wisdom and interpret her message in order to heal.

When working with me, you will learn to listen to and understand the messages from your body, heal your period problems naturally, and live in sync with your cycle.

Your Period is a Key Indicator of Your Health

In my teens and early 20's, I suffered sometimes debilitating cramps, heavy bleeding and mood swings. I tried all different kinds of birth control for 10 years, only to then suffer the side effects like depression, weight changes, infections, and more. Sound familiar? It wasn't until I decided to take my health into my own hands that things really started to change. 

Now, I look forward to having my period! I see it as a beautiful, sacred time to turn inward. I'm in awe of the miracles that happen in our bodies every day.

So many systems (medical system, food industry, pharma industry, etc.) are not designed to support individual health. They're designed to profit off of your illness.

It's important to me not only to provide you with education and guidance in nutrition and body wisdom, but to also help empower you to take control of your health and not be a victim of the system.

And becoming in tune with my body's natural rhythms changed my life.

Hi! I'm Dana

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So if you're experiencing...

-Stubborn hormonal acne
-Chronic fatigue
-Stress & Anxiety
-Heavy bleeding & painful cramps
-Irregular or missing periods
-Cravings and energy crashes
-Emotional rollercoasters
-Feeling disconnected from your body
-Difficulty losing weight

and you're ready to feel energized, healthy and empowered...

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"Dana helped me change the way I see my body, emotions and what is self care. Now I know how to track my period and give myself more grace and understanding at certain times of the month. I don’t push myself or get angry when I know I’m in certain stages. I know how to fuel my body and spirit differently and arrange my schedules for the best times for more creativity, energy, social interaction. I am also more aware of how what I eat has effects on myself. With that awareness I more often make better choices because I see it as a form of self care :) Thank you Dana for all you have brought to my life!



"I am so happy since I cut gluten and dairy for 1 month, my skin is back to normal. I had been suffering from acne for 2 years (and never had before). Thanks to the advice of Dana, I'm so happy to see that my skin is improving so fast! I have tried so many things but have found that the only good strategy is to be patient by observing and understanding the message that our body is sending to us, a simple but steady job! So girls, don't give up and remember that there is always a solution."



"I have been tracking my cycle and really feeling so so much better because of your workshop. Like you said, I understand my moods better and am able to step out of them better instead of getting mad at myself for feeling this or that way. And I talked to a lot of my friends about it too!"



"I got my period yesterday with absolutely no cramps, no PMS. And it's the Full Moon. Man it feels awesome. It's because of your workshop. It stuck to my mind and I was like I wanna set the intention to be more in sync with the moon cycle. And I did! I taught my student to do the same, and she had her period after 5 months of not having it!"


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