I'm originally from New Jersey, USA, but have been living in Saigon, Vietnam since 2018.

I left a safe corporate job in search of adventure and purpose. I was completely burnt out, depressed, and feeling lost. I knew I was no longer interested in material wealth, happy hours and meaningless one night stands...there had to be more to life than this!

I'm Dana, a Certified Plant-Based Nutritionist and Period Health Mentor

Nice to meet you!

But it was hard to drop the conditioning I had from Western culture to always be productive. When I started my first business as a podcast producer, I never took rest, I was sick often, always tired, having digestive and period related issues and generally just felt disconnected from myself.

It wasn't until I heard about the impact our diet, lifestyle and environment has on our hormones and how our unbalanced hormones cause disruption to our periods, mood, metabolism, digestion and so much more that everything started to click. I also started learning how important it is for us to have our period and started getting curious about removing my hormonal IUD.

I spent hours upon hours researching about hormonal balance, gut health, plant-based nutrition and more. I even decided to get certified in nutrition so I can help others!

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Quick Facts About Me

I applied what I learned and implemented systems into my life to improve my holistic health. Eventually I removed my IUD and I've been having easy, pain-free periods ever since! I feel energized, alive, and my mood is stable.

I started doing free workshops in Saigon to share what I'd learned, and found that many womxn were having problems like I was. Everyone was brought up to believe that period problems are normal and just something we have to deal with. Everyone had experienced shame and embarrassment around their period. No one was taught about proper nutrition and how it relates to our hormones.

So many systems (medical system, food industry, pharma industry, etc.) are not designed to support individual health. They're designed to profit off of our illness. They intentionally put out deceptive marketing and "research studies" to confuse us even further.

Well, I don't know about you, but I'm sick of being lied to, taken advantage of, manipulated, and ignored.

It's important to me not only to provide you with education and guidance in the area of nutrition and wellness, but to also help empower you to take control of your health and not be a victim of the system.

An approach that addresses the whole person on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, targeting and treating the underlying root cause of period problems with natural solutions.

My Top Values

Holistic Health

There is no one size fits all solution to health. We will take into account your current or past health conditions, financial situation, time constraints, culture, religion, likes and dislikes and more to ensure any diet and lifestyle changes are unique to you.

personalized Health

We will work together as a team to figure out what you really need. With my expertise in nutrition, body literacy and hormonal health, and your expertise in yourself, we will find sustainable solutions.


When you work with me, you are assured that my advice is supported by the latest research and that the techniques I utilize are too. I'm always training and learning, keeping informed of the latest thinking to enhance our success.


When working with me, you're in a judgement-free zone. You are not expected to be perfect (I'm sure not!). In fact, theres no such thing as mistakes, just opportunities for learning and adjusting in the process.

compassion & empathy

My mission is to empower you to take an active role in your health care, and heal PMS naturally through a holistic health approach and body literacy education.

My Mission

My Vision

My vision is for every person who menstruates to know that they do NOT have to suffer or settle. I want to see body literacy and menstrual health taught to young girls. I want to see more doctors educated on nutrition for hormonal health and to not be so quick to use a pill to cover up any and all symptoms. I want everyone to feel empowered to take control of their own health and to heal naturally without unnecessary reliance on pharmaceutical or surgical interventions. I want to see the people's health valued more than the profits of big food industries, and to live in a world where most people are thriving in optimal health, not just surviving.

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