Learn how to reconnect with your innate body wisdom, and heal pms & period problems naturally.

All our lives as womxn we've been told that hormonal imbalance is "nOrMaL for your age", or painful cramps are just "pArT oF bEinG a WoMxN" and that all we can do is "tAkE tHe piLL"

Thanks but not thanks doc, that just isn't good enough anymore.

I have a feeling you're over this too, and that's why you're here right now, reading this page.

If you're struggling with things like heavy bleeding, painful cramps, acne, mood swings, headaches/migraines, fatigue, weight gain, insomnia, low libido, chronic yeast infections, hair thinning, or any other hormonal imbalance issue under the're in the right place.

The answer is not in a magical pill or skin cream. These simply mask the symptoms, they do not heal the underlying root cause.

And the longer you continue to ignore the underlying root cause, the worse the symptoms will get my dear.

But when you heal the underlying root cause and get your hormones back in balance, what's waiting for you on the other side is glowing skin, boundless energy, supercharged fertility (if you want that), pain-free periods, restful nights, stable moods, and no other PMS symptoms.

Maybe even more importantly--greater confidence, better relationships because you have more energy to spend with loved ones and you're no longer a moody bitch lol, and a deep love for and connection to your body.

Your body is freakin powerful and magical, but living in this patriarchal society, we've been made to believe that our bodies are trying to make us suffer.

I don't know about you, but I'm sick of being lied to.

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Heal Your Hormones is a self-paced digital course where you will heal the ROOT of your period problems and reconnect with your innate body wisdom.

Why is this program better than the other hormone healing programs out there?

Because we're not only working on the physical aspects of hormone healing, but the emotional and spiritual as well.

Often times our symptoms are manifestations of repressed emotions and unresolved trauma. That's why I'll be bringing in guest experts for breath work, inner child healing and feminine/masculine energy healing.

It's going to be so transformative, and if you've read this far, YOU'RE MEANT TO BE HERE!

Those who get on the waitlist will receive $100 off enrollment, plus my FREE Go with the Flow Cycle Tracker, and other surprise waitlist goodies.

that's why i created heal your hormones