2x per month group calls to develop mindfulness and creativity habits. What exactly happens in the Magic Circle?

+Grounding creativity meditation led by yours truly
+Some rituals to get more deeply connected with yourself and others in the group
+1 hour of quiet, uninterrupted play time (for you to do whatever feels good..read, practice the ukulele, sing, paint, write, etc.
+We come back together for a few minutes to celebrate and share our experiences

introducing...the magic circle Monthly membership!

When we were children, we discovered the world around us through play. Research has shown that even as adults, this is still the best way to learn. However, our school systems aka mass production factories devalued creativity. Not to mention, as an emerging CEO you're likely wearing many hats and the hobbies you used to love or ones you've been dying to explore have taken a back seat.

But, setting aside this time for yourself each week is actually CRUCIAL to reaching your true potential. It'll boost your productivity, reduce stress levels, allow you to turn your "business brain" off for a freaking second and connect with yourself and your biz besties on a whole different level.

Most of us already have accountability in our businesses and jobs..
but who keeps us accountable to our self care and creative expression?

investment: $25 per month for two calls

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