+ 90min deep dive call to get to the core of what's stopping you from sticking to your specific habit, and to learn the foundations of how habits work (value: $135)
+ A customized 30 day habit implementation plan tailored to your needs and lifestyle for one or two new habits (value: $75)
+ Free daily habit tracker (value: $25)
+ Weekly email accountability check-ins (value: $180)

Here's what's included:

You know exactly which habit(s) will benefit your future self, but no matter how hard you try, you just can't seem to stick to them. The more you try and fail, the less you trust yourself to follow through on anything and it's keeping you from reaching your true potential.

Whether you're wanting to keep up a solid morning routine, stop negative thought loops, or manage your time better...with the proper knowledge, systems, motivation and support, you CAN do it! 

Tired of trying to implement a habit over and over and being unable to stick to it?

Habit Building Kick Starter

key pillars



Self Awareness & Discovery

Learn to cultivate calm, presence, focus and fulfillment

Break self sabotaging habits and establish healthy habits

Uncover your strengths, passions, mission and values

Burnt Out to Balanced:

an immersive 9 week coaching experience to get clear on who you are and integrate healthy habits into your life

+ A personal cheerleader who is obsessed with helping you grow and reach your highest potential
+ 9x Weekly 50min 1:1 coaching sessions to work through road blocks, facilitate breakthroughs and celebrate wins 
+ Weekly creative exercises and action plans to facilitate self discovery, mindfulness and habits building
+ Choice of daily or weekly accountability check-ins via Voxer or email

Here's what's included:

+You're sick of holding yourself back and serious about letting go of the habits that don't serve you in multiple areas of your life
+You're no longer happy in your career or business and considering a transition
+You want a stronger understanding of who you are and what you want, so you can stop living for the weekends and feel excited about life every day
+You want the tools, knowledge and support to master your habits, health and happiness.
+You're open-minded, committed, willing to be vulnerable, and if you consider yourself a weirdo/goofball/nerd, EVEN BETTER.
+You're looking for a coach who's been right where you are, who is honest with you, who can hold space for your emotions, and who can give tough love when necessary

*Inclusive pricing / payment plans available

This program is for you if...


"I was in the transition from living in the US for three years to moving back to Vietnam. I was experiencing culture shock, financial issues and family issues, no social network. I was stressed, anxious, lonely, lost. I could not connect to myself and my brain was cloudy. After the session, I felt more connected to myself, I saw things more clearly, and I felt more relaxed. Dana is a great listener, full of wisdom and very supportive. She gave me great strategies to help me calm myself and stay on the right track. I believe that she can help lots of people who need help when they are lost in life!"

"Dana has an ability to see things clearly when my brain was cloudy."


"It's so great talking things out with a coach who understands and who will ask you questions that get you thinking about things a little different. I got more motivation to work on my business. I had a big breakthrough..that I don't want to be in this same position at the end of the year. So I need to do these tasks and it will change all that."

"I had a big breakthrough."


"It was so enlightening, Dana asked such powerful questions that I wasn't asking myself. Just sitting with her and having that conversation really enlightened me to some of the things I need to be focusing on. Just talking with someone brought out the issues I was holding onto in my mind out in front of me so I can work on them, which was amazing."

"It was so enlightening. Dana asked such powerful questions that I wasn't asking myself."


"It's so important to have someone that you can just talk things out with. Talking to Dana was so introspective. I got to reflect a lot about what I need to do to change some of the habits that I have."

"Talking to Dana was so introspective."

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