I'll teach you how to re-connect with your innate body wisdom and heal PMS and period problems naturally.

PMS is not a normal part of being a womxn.

I don't know about you, but I'm sick of being lied to

We live in a society that forces us into a system where we are taught to ignore our own bodies and cycles. 

All our lives as womxn we're told that hormone imbalance is "normal for your age" and insane period cramp pain and mood swings are "just part of being a womxn".

And then we're told the only relief available for our suffering is to take the pill, which comes with side effects and further hurts our bodies.

If you're reading this, I have a feeling you're over this, too.

That's why I created Flourish & flow. 

Through an alchemy of science and ancient wisdom, you'll learn how to balance your hormones naturally, heal period problems, and get in tune with your body and cyclical rhythm.

This immersion is for you if...

You're experiencing PMS like breast soreness, headaches or migraines, acne, mood swings, insomnia, cravings, fatigue, etc.

You experience recurring imbalances like yeast infections or UTIs, have painful periods and periods that are too heavy or too light

You're fed up with being offered "the pill" as the only solution, and you're ready for a more natural, holistic approach

You've felt alone in your journey and desire to connect with another human who has been through it

You're ready to stop forcing into the masculine way of doing things and flow into your soft, feminine essence

You've noticed a feeling of "numbness" in your body, especially around your womb space

yep that's me, I'M interested!


"Dana helped me change the way I see my body, emotions and what is self care. Now I know how to track my period and give myself more grace and understanding at certain times of the month. I don’t push myself or get angry when I know I’m in certain stages. I know how to fuel my body and spirit differently and arrange my schedules for the best times for more creativity, energy, social interaction. I am also more aware of how what I eat has effects on myself. With that awareness I more often make better choices because I see it as a form of self care :) Thank you Dana for all you have brought to my life!



"I am so happy since I cut gluten and dairy for 1 month, my skin is back to normal. I had been suffering from acne for 2 years (and never had before). Thanks to the advice of Dana, I'm so happy to see that my skin is improving so fast! I have tried so many things but have found that the only good strategy is to be patient by observing and understanding the message that our body is sending to us, a simple but steady job! So girls, don't give up and remember that there is always a solution."



"I have been tracking my cycle and really feeling so so much better because of your workshop. Like you said, I understand my moods better and am able to step out of them better instead of getting mad at myself for feeling this or that way. And I talked to a lot of my friends about it too!"



"I got my period yesterday with absolutely no cramps, no PMS. And it's the Full Moon. Man it feels awesome. It's because of your workshop. It stuck to my mind and I was like I wanna set the intention to be more in sync with the moon cycle. And I did! I taught my student to do the same, and she had her period after 5 months of not having it!"


here's how it works

Flourish & Flow 1-1 Mentorship

An immersive 4 month private mentorship where you will cultivate balance, energy, health, and peace within your body, mind and soul.

Over four months, you'll go from fatigue, pain, emptiness, and irritability...

to ease, flow, re-engaged and reignited.

Through body awareness education, personalized nutrition, practices and rituals we will uncover what works for YOUR unique body and set clear intentions to unlock your new reality.

You will be deeply honored, listened to, and held throughout our time together.

If it's a match, I'll send you a questionnaire so I can get an in-depth look at your habits, diet, lifestyle, environment & stress factors and we'll book the first deep dive call. 

We'll meet for a discovery call to discuss your challenges and goals, and decide if we are a good fit to work together.

From here, we'll go on a journey of education, tools, and experiential coaching calls, blending science and spirituality in order to unlock health and balance on all levels: physical, mental, emotional & energetic.

The Flourish & Flow Approach

Everyone's program is tailored to them, but here is a general outline of what we may cover together:

Most period problems like infertility, period pain, PMS, mood disorders, cravings, acne, etc. can be attributed to lack of nutrients and dysregulated blood sugar. Then we get prescribed the pill, which depletes the body even further of nutrients! So you'll learn how to replenish nutrients with meal plans + recipes for happy hormones, and how to eat to balance your blood sugar. You'll experience stable moods and no more PMS!

We've been taught so much misinformation (or no information at all!) about our bodies and how they work. This is the education you never got in sex-ed class. You'll learn how your hormones and menstrual cycle works, what causes hormonal imbalance, and how to prevent pregnancy naturally. You'll also receive a digital tracker so you can start tracking your cycles and symptoms, which helps you get in touch with your unique body.

Month 1: DIscover + know your body

The gut and liver are HUGE players when it comes to healing hormones as well. If you're experiencing symptoms like bloating, fatigue, mood disorders, heavy and painful periods and headaches, learning how to support your liver and gut will be especially helpful for you! You'll get guides and recipes with the exact steps to take.

Month 3: support your gut + liver

Month 2: replenish nutrients + balance blood sugar

We've been brought up to view our period as a curse and that our womb space is a great source of pain. When in fact, our period can be our superpower and our womb space is our source of creativity and wisdom. Re-integrate the practices your ancient ancestors knew well and learn how to align your nutrition, exercise, work, and social calendar with your inner rhythms. 

emotional & energetic healing

I always take a holistic approach with my clients. This is why we not only look at healing from the physical level through food, but we also practice emotional and energetic healing through journaling, meditation, visualization, and embodied movement. 

month 4: embody your cycle

Flourish & Flow includes...

This is a 4 month private mentorship where you will learn how to naturally heal period problems, live according to your menstrual cycle and how to trust the innate wisdom of your body again. This program includes:

In-depth questionnaires to gain clarity on possible root causes of your symptoms, and an initial deep dive 90min call to go over your current habits and preferences, determine goals and provide targeted nutritional recommendations. 

7 additional 60min calls for coaching and healing (2 calls/month)

Free access to all of my paid products, including any live group programs running

Email or text message access to ask questions or celebrate wins in between calls

An easy to use digital template for tracking your menstrual cycle, the moon cycle, symptoms, food diary, and more

Recipes, worksheets, PDF guides, meditations, rituals, journal prompts and other activities/resources as needed

Investment: $180 per month for 4 months

this is what i need!!

Not ready to commit to a long-term program?

In one 90 minute Period Empowerment Session, you can gain immediate clarity on what may be causing imbalance for you and clear next steps you can take to come back in to balance.

Reasons you might book a period empowerment session:

+ You're wanting to know how you can align your life with your menstrual cycle (Embody Your Cycle) for more ease and pleasure in your life

+ You recently came off birth control or are planning to soon, and wanting to know how you can avoid pregnancy naturally and get your hormones back in balance

+ You're experiencing intense period cramps or PMS and wanting to understand the underlying root cause and holistic strategies to heal

+ You're exhausted all the time and wanting to know how you can get your energy back (without loading up on caffeine)

What's included

+ One 90min 1-1 consultation call to gain instant clarity in one particular area of interest
+ Recording of the call
+ A follow up email with personalized recommendations and possibly additional resources as needed

book a 90min intensive

Go with the Flow
Cycle Tracker

Learn how to start tracking your cycle to increase body awareness, become more in tune with your cycle and take a more active role in your health care

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